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Head 12,000km east from India and you’ll reach New Zealand – a lush, green island that is home to many of the world’s most loved adventure activities. It’s here that Clip n Climb India Private Limited founder, Aruun Shannkar, first experienced Clip 'n Climb.

Realising the unique fun and fitness potential to his home country, Aruun began the process of obtaining the first ever Master franchise licence for India.

On 13 April 2015, Clip n Climb India Private Limited was incorporated and is now able to offer franchises of the successful New Zealand business in India. With a head office based in Bengaluru, Clip 'n Climb India has a team of local experts ready and willing to help India’s first Clip 'n Climb franchise owners set up and run their own centres.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Clip n Climb India Private Limited is a socially responsible organisation that is involved in many community development projects and programs. We believe education is the right of every child and we mainly focus on education, health and social welfare projects in the local areas and villages.


Our Proposed CSR Projects

  • Educational infrastructure in schools around Bangalore and all metropolitan cities in India
  • Education material, such as e-learning and educational kits
  • Modern education supplies and aids, including computers and TVs
  • Sports equipment and materials
  • Merit-based financial assistance to underprivileged children
  • Health-based programs


About Clip 'n Climb Globally

Clip 'n Climb was created by John Targett and Tim Wethey. Jointly they invented an exciting mainstream recreational activity that has transformed the niche sporting activity of indoor climbing.

In September 2006 they opened the world’s first Clip 'n Climb in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was an instant success. A second centre in Auckland was opened in 2007. With its success, it proved that Clip 'n Climb could operate just as profitably as a standalone business. In 2010, with four facilities thriving in New Zealand, the first overseas sale happened in Canada.

Since then, extensive research and development has resulted in a business model that can be replicated successfully around the world. There is a kit-set modular system that allows economic and efficient prefabrication and installation of the individual climbing elements that make up the Clip 'n Climb centres. The Clip 'n Climb team is thankful for auto belays which help to reduce risk management issues related to teaching people how to belay safely. The introduction of auto belays (Clip 'n Climb originally used Redpoint Descenders) has not only reduced risk, but also operational costs.

Now it’s time to bring Clip n Climb India Private Limited.


Meet the Team


John Targett Mr John Targett

John Targett is one of the co-founders of Clip 'n Climb, alongside Tim Wethey. The combination of John's amusement industry background and Tim's in designing and building climbing walls was perfect to transform the niche activity of rock climbing into healthy, challenging fun for all.

Aruun Shannkar Mr Aruun Shankar
Chairman & MD

An experienced entrepreneur with a long history of success, Aruun has travelled and worked extensively around the world – from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, the UK to the USA. Currently living in New Zealand, he has secured exclusive Clip 'n Climb franchise rights for India.

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