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Safety at Clip 'n Climb

We take safety extremely seriously – safety measures are our top priority. That’s why:

We’ve done everything we can to make sure that Clip 'n Climb challenges will remain safe and usable for years on end.

We use Trublue auto belays - the only auto belay device rated to the highest worldwide climbing standard. Check out Trublue’s website.

Every Clip 'n Climb session includes a mandatory 15-minute briefing for every climber before they enter the arena and start climbing.

We run briefings and safety rules before each and every session, which includes: proper fitting of the harness; instruction in use of the carabiners; safety checks before, during and jumping down from climbs; and a demonstration of 'safe' climbing in the arena.

Children 13 years and under need to have an adult on premises when climbing.

Visitors must wear comfortable clothes for climbing and sports type footwear.


General Safety Rules

We encourage the use of general safety rules in every Clip 'n Climb centre, which should include our rules:

  • Clip 'n Climb harnesses must be worn at all times when climbing
  • Only one person on a challenge at a time
  • The safety briefing must be completed
  • No climbing without being clipped properly into the auto belay
  • No food or drink in the climbing arena
  • Climbing is an alcohol free activity at Clip 'n Climb

As part of our ongoing commitment to making the Clip 'n Climb experience a safe one, we recommend an annual safety and maintenance check.


Staff Training for Franchisees

Here at Clip n Climb India Private Limited we have a highly trained and experienced installation team. Installation times vary depending on the size of the facility but are roughly between 4 – 6 weeks:

Once installation is complete, the Clip 'n Climb centre will be subject to a safety inspection.
The final step is training your staff. This is included as standard with every Clip 'n Climb installation.
All harnesses, autobelays, line retrieval pole and emergency rescue kits are also supplied with your Clip 'n Climb products.


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