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Clip 'n Climb Center Opportunities

Clip 'n Climb franchises are an attractive business prospect because of the variety of purposes they offer. Clip 'n Climb has a wide reaching potential audience, thanks to its suitability for a great range of ages, from school children to employees, and from families to university students. This accessible nature means the widest possible range of revenue sources for your business.


Birthday Parties

Good, healthy fun for everyone with lots of challenges, Clip 'n Climb provides an unusual and exciting birthday party experience.

Taking 1 hour 15 minutes (including a mandatory safety briefing and harnessing), birthday parties can be run on the hour every hour – meaning high visitor numbers.

Adults are required to help staff supervise the participants with adult to child ratios not exceeding 1:5. The auto belay system makes it simple for non-Clip 'n Climb staff to help out, and means all your staff resource does not have to be allocated to birthday parties.


Schools and Groups

Clip 'n Climb provides students with healthy physical exercise and the chance to develop strength, balance, flexibility, problem-solving skills, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Like birthday parties, large numbers can be catered for and teachers are required to assist your staff in supervising participants.

The auto belay systems eliminate the need for belayers to control the climber’s safety. This means that all students can be active all of the time, and that risk management is considerably easier. This helps to make Clip 'n Climb a popular school and group outing.



With people’s growing awareness of health issues, Clip 'n Climb presents the chance to raise healthy funds for a group, club or school while having good, healthy fun – no unhealthy chocolate or lolly selling in sight.

Our fundraising programme is designed to help schools and not-for-profit organisations with their fundraising efforts. Organisers book an exclusive evening of climbing at Clip 'n Climb (that’s three x one-hour sessions). You then split the profits with the organisers.

You’ll get guaranteed attendance and the organizers will receive funding for not a lot of effort on their part – it’s a win-win.


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